Stake RAW tokens to insure your collateral from debt pool losses. The longer the lock time, the greater the percentage of your insurance can be reimbursed (min 30 days, max 730 days).

WARNING: Insurance can be returned only after the expiration of the lock.

Balance: Allowance:

RAW Locked
Locked At
Available At
RAW Repaid
Available RAW Compensation

No any insurances

Deposit WETH as a collateral and get rUSD in return. Resulting collateral ratio should be greater than min collateral ratio


Balance: Allowance:
Current C-ratio: %New C-ratio: %Min C-ratio: %

Burn rUSD to increase your collateral ratio and get ability to withdraw collateral in WETH. You can choose insurance to repay your debt pool losses in RAW.

Current balance: New balance: 0Your rUSD debt:

Max RAW compensation: 0 ($, price: $)New C-ratio: %Min C-ratio: %

Withdraw WETH collateral (this decreases collateral ratio).

Locked WETH Amount: Current balance: New C-ratio: %Min C-ratio: %